Monday, August 11, 2014


I may have mentioned before that R decided a while ago I should get into beer brewing.  I have about 40 bottles of batch 5 downstairs trying desperately to bottle condition.  The flat beer (a very strong and hoppy ale) is pretty good, but I'd like to get a bit of carbonation ...

Yesterday we had friends over and started Batch 6 (Northern Brewer's Caribou Slobber, which I'm making again because it was so good last time)

This morning the cat woke me up, I stumbled downstairs to feed him and heard an intermittent buzzing, which I at first took to be a big.

That's a 5 gallon batch overflowing a 6 Gallon Carboy.  There's clearly wort in the airlock.

This is exciting (yay! Beer is fermenting! My yeast is active!) but also kind of scary (google homebrewing blowouts if you're curious)

So: gameplan:
Sterilize a new bung and airlock, along with syphon hose. Fill a big tub with enough sterile water that the syphon hose can reach. Guide the hose down and use a tub of water as my sterile airlock.

I've done this before with a 1 gallon batch. What could possibly go wrong? :)

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