Wednesday, June 11, 2014


More on developments in purposeful, imaginative play later. For now, a brief episode from tonight.

The scene: Mommy and daddy's room. A rocking chair with a small pillow for back support.

The players: Tadpole, Daddy.

The time: just before bedtime. Teeth have been brushed, pajamas donned. All is in readiness for a final story and climb into bed.

Tadpole: <grabs pillow> "I'm going to take this for bedtime.

Daddy: "No, that's mommy's pillow. Leave it please."

Tadpole: <screaming>

Daddy: (terrified, quiet) "shhh ... We just put your sister in her crib. You have to be quiet."

Enter Mommy.  Discussion ensues. Mommy clarifies that the pillow is Tadpole's, has been on a long-term loan.

Mommy: "You were so nice to let me keep the pillow. May I continue to use it?"

Tadpole: "No."

Mommy: "But it helps my back."

Tadpole: "No."

Daddy: "Without the pillow, mommy's back really hurts. Can she use it?"

Tadpole: <sets down pillow>. <goes to bed, picks up a full size pillow from the bed>. <deposits on chair>. <proudly reclaims original small pillow>. "You use that one mommy."

Mommy: (giggling). "OK kiddo. Thank you.  Are you saying I need to make a new pillow?"

Tadpole: "Daddy, tomorrow when you are making coffee and milk, I'm going to be sewing mommy a new pillow."

Daddy: "Oh?"

Tadpole: "Yes. I'm going to do the sewing, but not the pins part because pins are sharp. Mommy can you do the pins part and I will do the sewing when daddy makes coffee?"

All: <dissolves into happy giggles, hugs>. "I love you."

Monday, June 9, 2014

Magic Babies

I don't talk about Sprout much (yet) - R is still definitely primary parent, and Sprout still mostly eats and sleeps, but she's distinguishing herself in a few ways:
Sprout LOVES being outside. Not necessarily when she's in a stroller, but when we're just holding her, she loves taking in the outside.  To the point that when she's upset, I just walk outside with  her for a few minutes and she's happy again.  (Magic!)
Tadpole had a "Magic Song" that immediately calmed her down and helped her get to sleep. (Rosanna, by Toto, which I never want to hear again).  Sprout has one too: Counting Stars from One Republic. It's not quite as magical as Rosanna was, but it's pretty effective.

We went to a birthday party at the Morton Arboretum for one of Tadpole's classmates recently (awesome!) and Sprout was awake for most of it (and outside!), and happily looking around.  She was awesome.

We also practiced taking milk from a bottle today. Unlike Tadpole, Sprout likes it warm, but after that, she was pretty content.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A single raindrop

We were out for a walk with Tadpole a few days ago when she got a scrape on her ankle. (Turns out that I did have a reason to tell you to stay on the sidewalk and not stumble through the garden kiddo.)

Tadpole is not a fan of owies, and she did not like the idea of cleaning it when we got home.  But after a few minutes of whining about that pronouncement, she quieted down and went back to tricycling.

It was blocks later when she announced that a thunderstorm was coming (clear blue sky notwithstanding ... after all, we'd had one a few days before, so thunderstorms were in the air).  And it was many minutes after that when she announced that she'd felt a raindrop.

You will not be surprised to learn that the raindrop from the thunderstorm landed on her ankle.  It cleaned her ankle and the scrape.  We would not have to clean the owie when we got home, although we could still put a band-aid on it.

The protests when we vetoed that line of logic we're more impressive than the first round.

How long do they stay three?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Two anecdotes

We took the girls out to a park and Ice Cream yesterday. On the way home, Sprout (3 months) began loudly explaining that she was hungry and tired of being in her car seat.  Tadpole decided to comfort her sister:
Sprout, if you would like to watch the Cars movie when we get home, you need to refrain from whining.
R and I sat stunned for a moment, then laughed. Encouraged, Tadpole continued.
And what do we say to that? Mind Blown!!

At the end of dinner, Tadpole was doing "Rock and Roll" fingers. Somehow these also became a phone to discuss her schoolwork on.
Ring, Ring. Oh hello Rock and Roll. I traced sandpaper letters with [classmate] today.
Me: hello Tadpole. What letters did you trace.
No, Rock and Roll, I don't want to talk about school anymore. I'm just going to be quiet.