Saturday, January 11, 2014

Achievement Unlocked: Minion (Dining Table edition)

Tadpole turns three in two months.  Every once in a while we get to celebrate various life skills coming together (aka: outsourcing tasks, or training the minion).  Most recently, we've had real progress at the dining table.

Eating is still a challenge, but Tadpole can generally be relied on to bring napkins and utensils to the table, and carry over drinks, plates and bowls (with two hands and minimal spilling!) when asked.  She asks to be excused before leaving the table (usually) and clears dishes to either the counter or dishwasher as requested. She'll also generally take napkins down to the laundry.

We had guests over this weekend, and while Tadpole was salivating over the delicious cupcakes they brought, she brought cupcakes to everyone else first before taking her own over.

She's not-yet-three, so she's hardly ready to wait tables at Downton Abbey, but over the past few days and weeks a lot of skills like careful carrying, polite table manners, and an increased understanding of where everything in out kitchen is have all come together.  I love getting to celebrate these moments! (Previous non-blogged Achievement Unlocked: Minion editions include: unloading the laundry basket, unloading the dishwasher, making espresso for mommy and daddy, watering the Christmas tree/plants, and stirring risotto)

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