Saturday, January 4, 2014

5 Things

Being a stay-at-home/work-at-home dad with an almost 3-year old is pretty awesome.  It's also exhausting, emotionally draining, and often frustrating.  With our schedule disrupted by the holidays (hard enough for me, never mind a preschooler), I've had more of the latter moments than the former.

But today we had a friend over and the two of them alternated putting a duplo box on their head, sneezing so the box fell off, and laughing hysterically.  It was basically all of the wonderfulness of parenting, and I just reveled in it.  Inspired by that, here are a few recent pictures capturing other wonderful moments with Tadpole.

Still Life with Doll, Dragon, and White Nana. (Artist - Tadpole)

Snowy? In Chicago? Fortunately I have a minion ... I mean helper!

My uncle sent some bulbs as a Christmas present, and Tadpole has been watering them faithfully.  A few days ago, she began exclaiming:
"The plants! The plants! What's that in the plants?"
It quickly became apparent that the not-green part was a little bit baffling, and absolutely fascinating.
Again, artist: Tadpole.

Mommy and Tadpole made molasses cookies recently.  They turned out OK :)

Watching "Singin' In The Rain".  By the end of the night she was singing the refrain.

I'm incredibly lucky to get to spend so much time with my daughter.  I don't remember to remind myself why often enough.

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