Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Reading Goals

I tweeted out some reading goals for 2014 a few nights ago, but thought I'd memorialize them here as well.
That's a very achievable list that stretches me in places.  I've already had one friend on Twitter suggest other possibilities for the "In Translation" category.  

I stuck a goal of 50 books into Goodreads this year, mostly to make myself actually track how much reading I'm doing, since I don't generally do that.  We'll see how that goes.

I'll have non-reading goals in the future, but Child #1 (codename Tadpole) starts a new school in January and turns 3 in March.  By then we expect to have welcomed Child #2 (codename Sprout) into our family.  I've been a Stay-At-Home Dad & a Work-At-Home Dad, and it's unclear how much I'll be doing each of those by the end of the year, so other goals seems silly at this point.  

Sometime in the future I'll probably put some effort into thinking about how I use Social Media (and how I want to use it - Hi Goodreads account I haven't touched in two years!), keeping up the house, engaging my brain, parenting my child, etc., but all of that for the future. For this month, reading intentionally is quite enough.

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