Monday, January 5, 2015

Children's Museum

I'm trying to celebrate time with my girls this year, and today was definitely worth celebrating! We had a great time at the Children's Museum.

"Wow! Look at this infinite space for me to explore!"

Tadpole did this sequence of balls rolling down ramps four times.  On the fourth, she color sorted.  20+ minutes of concentration, where I occasionally checked in, but mostly just got to enjoy playing with Sprout.

Who was inspired by her big sister :)

More playing.  And putting balls into boxes!

Behind that wall is Tadpole patiently lining up the rows of glow sticks you see, in cooperation with a new friend.

And when I came back from checking on Tadpole, here was Sprout's newest discovery!

I spent two hours at the museum with the girls.  They were happy and focused the whole time.  I alternated between checking in with one or the other, enjoying a bit of downtime, and just watching and marveling at my two wonderfully creative and independent girls.  This trip was magical!

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