Thursday, July 3, 2014

Swimming Lessons

We have a pool in town, and after a few visits it's extremely clear that Tadpole is going to get swim lessons.

I taught swim lessons all through high school and college.  To 4-8 year olds.  I taught kids with a lot less aptitude and enthusiasm than Tadpole.  I taught groups and private lessons.  I absolutely cannot teach my daughter to swim.

I still remember the sill progression.  I know the activities and lesson plans.  I could still teach swim lessons in my sleep.  I cannot teach my daughter to swim.

Tadpole goes to a Montessori program, so she (and we) have become accustomed to the notion of "giving a lesson" and "receiving a lesson".  She's good at receiving lessons at school, which I think is a combination of the natural environment and the teacher's training.  She's sometimes up for receiving a lesson at home, but pools are way to exciting.  Mommy and daddy are way to much fun. I cannot teach my daughter to swim.

So in a few weeks I, the former lifeguard and swim instructor will send my daughter off to swim lessons.  I'll disappear because kids learn better when their parents aren't around.  Someone else will teach her to blow bubbles, hum when she puts her face under the water, and hopefully guider her to the realization that moving through the water is much easier when you're horizontal.

I'm still holding out hope that sometime after the initial lessons I can teach her a few things, but I've accepted that I cannot teach my daughter to swim.  I'm just not very happy about it.

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