Saturday, May 24, 2014

Two anecdotes

We took the girls out to a park and Ice Cream yesterday. On the way home, Sprout (3 months) began loudly explaining that she was hungry and tired of being in her car seat.  Tadpole decided to comfort her sister:
Sprout, if you would like to watch the Cars movie when we get home, you need to refrain from whining.
R and I sat stunned for a moment, then laughed. Encouraged, Tadpole continued.
And what do we say to that? Mind Blown!!

At the end of dinner, Tadpole was doing "Rock and Roll" fingers. Somehow these also became a phone to discuss her schoolwork on.
Ring, Ring. Oh hello Rock and Roll. I traced sandpaper letters with [classmate] today.
Me: hello Tadpole. What letters did you trace.
No, Rock and Roll, I don't want to talk about school anymore. I'm just going to be quiet.

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