Sunday, March 1, 2015

2 Milestones

It's been a pretty big last few days for Sprout.  Not only did she turn 1 a couple weeks ago, but Gamma came to visit this weekend, and teeth are sprouting left and right.  (6 and 2 on the way, I think I last counted).  Also, we hit two major milestones over the weekend, one developmental, and one more along the lines of minion-training.

First, yesterday and today, Sprout helped me unload the dishwasher.  She can stand with a hand holding the frame and reach in to grab a utensil, then pass it to me.  We've been practicing handoffs for a while now (it's a skill that her older sister often emphasizes), so she's pretty comfortable with this.  It's only moderately terrifying that she also grabs bowls and plates and tries to lift them up to me.  Casualties so far: 1 dropped knife, 1 licked spoon, 1 chipped plate.

Second, Sprout's finally decided that maybe a crab crawl won't get her everywhere in life and decided she'd like to walk around while holding my hands.  So for 20 minutes tonight, I would hold her hands and help her walk to Gamma.  She'd give a hug, crawl back to me, then reach her hands up to have me help her stand and walk over to mommy to repeat the performance.  Daddy, it seems, is the designated walker-helper.  Tadpole assisted a few times as well, which was adorable.  Sprout also managed a few steps one-handed from time to time, but when she noticed that almost immediately went back to her trusty crab-crawling.  20 minutes straight of a skill she's shown once or twice before.  When she decides she's ready to stand/walk unassisted, I'm doomed.  There'll be no time to adjust.

My back, however, will appreciate the break.

So - minion training is well underway, with not just handing over small objects found on the floor, but now completing an actual useful chore (and one which her big sister has aged out of wanting to help with).  Mobility achievements unlocked, in rather terrifying fashion.  Measles vaccination received (more relieving than it should be).  All in all, pretty exciting times for Sprout and the rest of us.

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