Friday, March 14, 2014

Sleeping Babies

Sprout's asleep right now. And twitching occasionally to reassure me.  We've discovered that she can manage about 20 minutes in the crib at night, or hours in my arms/lap.  So R gets some sleep to start the night, and I get snuggles, which are awesome.

Based on recent experience, things you can do with a sleeping baby late at night:

  • Listen to a podcast (quietly)
  • Watch John Stewart (as long as I don't mind a trek to the basement, so as not to wake anyone else)
  • Read Nebula-nominated Sci-Fi book "Fire With Fire"
  • Tweet snarky comments about Fire With Fire because they're needed
  • Work
  • Blog

Things you can't do with a sleeping baby

  • Most of the house cleaning since it involves 2 hands or tromping up and down stairs
  • Sleep
  • Listen to a podcast while blogging
  • Edit and publishable blog post

Things you can do with a not-sleeping baby

  • Dance
  • Make shushing noises
  • Cover her eyes and then look at them every 30 seconds
  • Play Rosanna by Toto on repeat (this song lulled Tadpole when she was an infant, and seems to work on Sprout)
  • Try to accumulate more steps on tracking app by making circuits of the kitchen
  • Hand her over to mom

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